Friday, May 6, 2011


Sometimes I feel that I am not enough.
That I can not please you in the ways that you want to be pleased.
That I can not simply be what you want.

There are days where I think that we are perfect...
There are times and days where I feel that we will not work...
I think this because there just seems to be a couple of differences...
That seem to get the better of you.

You seem to expect so much, and want so much.
You want so much, that I have to change for you.
That I am willing to do that..
But I feel that no matter what I do, it will simply just not be enough.

What should I do when you ask me to do something that I'm not exactly okay with?
Should I say no because that is not what I want, or just go along with it to compromise?

Sometimes the fights are pointless..
Sometimes there are no two sides.

Sometimes I feel even worse inside than you would ever really understand.

I try so hard to be the perfect person for you, no matter what.
I do anything I can for you.
I'd be there anytime for you.
I'd be there for you no matter where you were.

Although sometimes there is no mercy with me...
There is just anger with me from you.
That when you leave, it just feels like my heart is tearing apart.
Anger is one hell of an emotion..

There are so many things that could be said...
But yet I won't say a word.
I quiver inside sometimes, because I don't want to fight.

Is this what true love really is?